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Tired of all those web service messages cramming your inbox? Sometimes we sign up for so many services that even with filters and folders we can’t properly organize our inboxes, even with filters and folders. Baconmail makes it easier for you: All the Web service messages you receive will be automatically sorted out and safely stored in a new Gmail account specifically setup for that.


gmail powered

Instead of trying to receive and store your messages, baconmail uses a Google apps account to safely store and organize everything. This ensures your messages are always available.


daily digest

Each morning you will receive a single email from your baconmail account: a digest listing all messages you received over the last day, ordered by sender.


live previews

In addition, you can benefit from live previews of yesterday’s messages. With one click you can review the message content—no email logins, no password, no hassle.


first email forwarded to your inbox

The first email sent by a new sender is always forwarded to your inbox. This ensures you will always be on top of confirmation emails, receipts and other important information


free and open-source

Baconmail is as free as “free as speech,” not “free as a beer.” You can do whatever you want with it. Just make sure you follow the guidelines listed in the license file.